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Rosso Vermouth

Knightor Winery

Rosso Vermouth

Rosso Vermouth
Alcohol: 15%
Character: Spicy and fruity
Aromas: Aniseed, Orange, Caramel
Flavours: Bitter Orange, Cinchona [Quinine], Juniper 
Serve the perfect Negroni and make it Cornish!
"In true Knightor style, the racy, arc of acidity defines this vermouth, taking it a cut above. You could pair this with so many things. A slice of homemade fruitcake comes to mind, or Eccles cakes."
Tamlyn Curran for Jancis Robinson's Vermouth Tasting: 88 World Vermouths.

Tasting notes: A rich bittersweet English vermouth. Aromas leap out of the glass of bitter orange zest, aniseed, cinchona and gentian overlaid with gentle spice. The palate starts fruity, but finishes with a lingering bitter marmalade finish, with a hint of spiciness 

Ingredients: 25ml Rosso Vermouth, 25ml Gin, 25ml Campari, Ice
Method: Pour the gin, vermouth and Campari into a mixing glass or jug with ice. Stir well until the outside of the glass feels cold. Strain into a tumbler and garnish with a slice of orange.

Winemaker notes:  A small batch blend of 15 different herbs and spices, homemade caramel and Knightor wine, are used in our rosso vermouth. There are many classic herbs used such as Wormwood [Artemisia absinthium], Sage [Salvia officinalis] and Aniseed [Pimpinella anisum], plus some more exotic to add the bitterness and gentle spice. The herbs, spices and zest were first infused in a fruity Eau de Vie distilled from our own grape skins. After a short steeping period, the herb infusion was added to blend of red and white base wines allowed to mature and integrate for a short period. Following this a small amount of caramel was made providing the classic Rosso colour and underlying aroma. This Vermouth was then allowed to age in tank for a short period before bottling. 

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