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    Our vermouths are the essential ingredient in the best cocktails and make great aperitifs and spritzes. The rich and intense flavours will make your Martinis, Manhattans, Negronis world class.  
    "At the very last minute, and only just in time for this article, four wax-sealed, slender 37.5-cl Alsace flutes arrived on my desk. At the end of a long line of some pretty amazing vermouths, I lost my heart."

    Tamlyn Curran on the Jancis Robinson Vermouth Tasting of 88 world Vermouths | 11 Jan 2021 on our 4 Knightor Vermouths.

    Enjoy our vermouth on it's own over ice, with soda water or as an essential ingredient in one our Knightor recommended cocktails - see the list of recipes here.   

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