\\\ Wines and vermouth from Knightor winery, Cornwall, England.
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At Knightor we make premium quality, limited production wines from grapes grown in English vineyards and our own vines at Portscatho and Seaton on the south Cornish coast.

A relatively hands-off approach to winemaking is taken, although inspiration is taken from both old and new world, there is no desire to mimic. With English wine the difference is generally the lightness and elegance of style – this is its hallmark and what it can do really well. 

Our marginal climate gives low grape yields that maximise taste but increase cost so we only make still and sparkling rose and white wines that are true to the fruit and retain an elegance that is part of the inherent character of English wine. 
We do not try to ape or copy styles, particularly from warmer climes and think Will Lyons in the Wall Street Journal expresses the English style really well:

​"But I don’t like the comparison with Champagne anyway. English sparkling wine has its own character. It’s much more fruit-driven and has a zippy, racing acidity. The best examples are dry and delicate but, once in the mouth, electrify with their bright crispness. Their quality is such that they don’t need to be likened to their counterparts in France. When it comes to sparkling wine, England can stand on its own two feet."

Not surprisingly our wines are a great match for the wonderful seafood that abounds in Cornwall. Also great as aperitifs their range and versatility may surprise you. Nathan Outlaw's sommelier said of Knightor "Their Trevannion is completely different in style and has an incredible depth of flavour, enough to stand up to curry!"

Our Mena Hweg with its taut balance of sweetness and acidity is a favourite with autumn fruit desserts and light cheeses like Cornish Blue or Yarg. Our sparkling wines are dry yet surprise with their fruit weight. Perfect for celebrations such as weddings to bring a taste of the magic of Cornwall to your special day.