Exceptional English Wines Made in Cornwall

Using grapes grown in our vineyards in Portscatho and Seaton on the South Cornish coast, we at Knightor create limited production still, sparkling wines and a family of vermouths and spritzes.

We allow the grapes to express themselves often in short runs of ephemeral and exclusive wines. Cool ferments and light touches of oak where it adds value, with careful blending or ageing to achieve depth and balance.

The cool climate and low yields allow us to produce lighter, fruitier, lower abv wines with good acidity that are refreshing as an aperitif and shockingly good with food. Minimal intervention means all our wines are vegan friendly, low in sulphates and the sweetness comes from fruit, not sugar. 

Using wines, spirits and botanicals we make vermouths and spritzes with rich and intense flavours that make them the perfect accompaniment for cocktails and aperitifs.