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The Bouquet Pair

Knightor Winery

The Bouquet Pair


We have paired our Bacchus 2021 and Madeleine Angevine 2021 as the perfect aromatic white wine duo...

Bacchus 2021

Wine: Still White
Grape Variety: Bacchus
Body: Light 
Sweetness: Off-Dry 
Alcohol: 11.5%  
Character: Delicate and floral
Aromas: Elderflower, apple, pear
Flavours: Elderflower, pear
Style: Light as a feather and floral
Food Pairing: Perfect as an aperitif or with lightly spiced foods.

Tasting notes:
Super pale and water-like in appearance, there are delicate aromas of apple, pear and elderflower. The palate is delicate and gently sweet, with flavours of elderflower and pear, the resulting wine has a fresh finish due to crisp balanced acidity. Perfect with delicately spiced foods.  
Madeleine 2021
Wine: Still White
Grape Variety: Madeleine Angevine
Body: Light 
Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: 11.5%
Character: Youthful and delicately aromatic similar to a Vinho Verde.
Aromas: Apple, pear, hedgerow flowers
Flavours: Crisp green apples, citrus
Food Pairing: The perfect aperitif
Tasting notes: Pale lemon green in colour, there are subtle aromas of apples, pears plus a slight nuttiness. The palate is youthful and crisp, with flavours of green apples and citrus. Perfect as an aperitif or with salads or tapas.   

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