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Tarquin's Cornish Gin 'Powesva-Gwin'

Knightor Winery

Tarquin's Cornish Gin 'Powesva-Gwin'


Limited Edition

Partnering up with our friends at Tarquin's, we provided some of our finest Cornish Pinot Noir barrels to rest their exceptional 2020 vintage signature Cornish Dry Gin.⁠

Infusing its aged flavour and drawing out rich notes from the oak staves after six months rest, this barrel has yielded a gin like no other with a delicate rosé blush and a natural sweetness of fresh cherries, wild strawberries and a soft spice.

'Powesva-Gwin', meaning “resting vines” in Cornish, is the perfect gift for both gin and wine lovers.

Enjoy with a light tonic and a slice of lemon!

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