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Mena Hweg 2019


We are excited to announce that our Mena Hweg 2019 is now available. We receive so many requests about this amazing wine, but we have not had it ready until now as we need particular grape varietals to display the right taste and acidity profiles, which means we can't produce it every year. 

The last time we produced Mena Hweg was 2014 so we are very pleased to have our 2019 vintage ready for you in bottle, waiting to be enjoyed. 

What we do not have however, are the labels - thanks coronavirus!

We considered waiting before releasing, but with so many people each week asking for when it will be available, we came up with a novel way to get it in your hands as soon as possible. So until the labels arrive, if you order a bottle of our Mena Hweg 2019 it will arrive to you in a handwritten bottle, written by the winery team, wrapped in our custom gift wrap and accompanied with a message of winemaker notes, signed by the winemaker himself. A total one off product alongside our Trevannion 2019, a labour of love! It is unlikely we will ever do this kind of 'special release' again.

Wine: Still White
Grape variety: Chardonnay, Riesling, Seyval blanc
Body: Light
Sweetness: Semi sweet
Alcohol: 8%
Character: Aromatic and sweet
Aromas: Primrose, Apple, Jasmin
Flavours: Green apple, sherbet
Mena Hweg is inspired by the great wines of Germany. We have derived our name from the Cornish translation for the grape Schönburger, which means ‘pretty/sweet hill’. 
Tasting notes: 
A very pale wine, It displays intense floral aromas of primrose and jasmine, while the palate is light, crisp and reminiscent of fresh green apple. 
Winemakers notes:
Each year we look for fruit with the right balance of acidity and sweetness to make this wine, in the style of some of the great wines of the Mosel.
This year it was small parcels of Chardonnay and Riesling from our Portscatho vineyard, which were part fermented with Seyval blanc to achieve the right balance. The ferment was kept very cool and then was halted three quarters of the way through to leave residual sugar and lower alcohol.
A semi sweet wine, the immediacy of the sweetness gives way to the natural acidity of the fruit for great length and balance. 
Enjoy as an aperitif or paired with savoury and dessert dishes that are not too sweet or spicy. 
Serve at 8-10c.
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Meet winemaker David as he tastes his newest creation, our Mena Hweg 2019

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