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Mena Hweg 2014


 Mena Hweg 2014

Wine: Still White
Grape variety: Schönburger
Body: Light
Sweetness: Medium sweet
Alcohol: 9%
Character: Aromatic and sweet
Aromas: Peach, honeysuckle
Flavours: Peach, sherbet, citrus
Mena Hweg is inspired by the great wines of Germany. We have derived our name from the Cornish translation for the grape Schönburger, which means ‘pretty/sweet hill’. The wine is delicate and floral with citrus and peach like aromas. On the palate it is well balanced by the grapes natural acidity. Though not sweet enough for a dessert wine, it can be enjoyed as an aperitif or a mid meal palate cleanser.
Tasting notes:
It is highly aromatic, with ripe peach, sherbet and citrus fruit on the nose. Richer than in 2013, the palate shows lively sherbet, peach and stone fruit characters, with a long and clean finish.
Winemakers notes:
Schönburger grapes were gently pressed with only the best free run juice used. This juice then underwent a cool fermentation to preserve grapes' delicate aromas. After three quarters of the fermentation process was completed, the ferment was gently stopped by cooling the tank. The wine was then aged for a short period in stainless steel before being bottled. Typical of the 2014 vintage, the Schönburger grapes showed good levels of ripeness, with plenty of fruit flavour. The warmer ripening period for this vintage gives clear definition to last year's Mena Hweg.

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