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Cornish Negroni Set

Knightor Winery

Cornish Negroni Set

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Create the ultimate Cornish Negroni with our Rosso Vermouth and Tarquin's 'Powesva-Gwin' Gin! 

The classic Negroni, made with our award-winning Rosso Vermouth and Tarquin’s Cornish Gin is a true embodiment of balance and sophistication, perfect for the festive season. This pack allows you and your loved ones to enjoy the craftsmanship of a classic cocktail in the comfort of your own home. Share the joy of mixology this holiday season and let your friends and family experience the magic of crafting their own delicious Negroni cocktail. Cheers to the holidays!

Knightor Rosso Vermouth

Wine: Aromatised wine
Body: Full
Sweetness: Medium
Alcohol: 15%
Character: Spicy and fruity
Aromas: Aniseed, Orange, Caramel
Flavours: Bitter Orange, Cinchona [Quinine], Juniper.
Tasting notes: A rich bittersweet English vermouth. Aromas leap out of the glass of bitter orange zest, aniseed, cinchona and gentian overlaid with gentle spice. The palate starts fruity, but finishes with a lingering bitter marmalade finish, with a hint of spiciness

Tarquin's 'Powesva-Gwin' Gin

Partnering up with our friends at Tarquin's, we provided some of our finest Cornish Pinot Noir barrels to rest their exceptional 2020 vintage signature Cornish Dry Gin.⁠

Infusing its aged flavour and drawing out rich notes from the oak staves after six months rest, this barrel has yielded a gin like no other with a delicate rosé blush and a natural sweetness of fresh cherries, wild strawberries and a soft spice.

'Powesva-Gwin', meaning “resting vines” in Cornish, is the perfect gift for both gin and wine lovers.

Set contains 1 x 37.5CL Knightor Rosso Vermouth & 1 x Tarquin's Cornish 'Powesva-Gwin' Gin

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