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Our collection of English wines and vermouth are incredibly versatile and beautifully compliment a number of classic and contemporary cocktails.
Here are a few of our favourite recipes, created with locally sourced ingredients and our favourite spirits from Cornwall, the South West and beyond.
From celebratory toasts to detox mocktails, there's a drink for any event. ​
What will you be mixing up?


Our signature cocktail is  a light, easy-drinking aperitif that's full of botanical flavour and the finest English wines. So simple, yet so delicious, the Cornish Spritz is excellent for any occasion - we like it best by the sea or al-fresco on a Cornish summer's evening. 
50ml  Knightor Rosé Vermouth - 50ml soda water - ice - slice of orange
Add a few cubes of ice to a whisky glass or small tumbler, then add the Knightor Rosé Vermouth, top up with 50ml soda and add a slice of orange. 


Cornish Vermouth Martini
Deliciously Cornish, this version of a dry martini is unique and little known. Incorporating two special ingredients; the dry crispness of Tarquin's Gin, with the intense flavour of the Knightor Dry Vermouth, made from a blend of 31 herbs and spices. If you know your martinis, this one's for you.
50ml Tarquins Cornish Dry Gin - 25ml Knightor Dry Vermouth - ice - rosemary sprig - grapefruit peel
Add loads of ice to mixing glass, along with the Tarquins Gin, Knightor Dry Vermouth. Stir for 30 seconds, strain and pour into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with red grapefruit peel twist and rosemary


Fresh, fruity and packed with punch, these Negronis are so easy to create, yet give so much in return! 
While the original roots of this cocktail lie in the temperate climate of Tuscany, we think our Cornish Vermouth and local gin adds another dimension to this classic. Try it, and let us know what you think! 
25ml Knightor Rosé Vermouth - 25ml Knightor White Vermouth - 25ml Stafford’s Gin - 3 dashes of bitters - splash of lemon juice - ice - slice of orange to garnish
Fill cocktail shaker with ice. Add both vermouths, gin, bitters and lemon juice. Shake well. Pour through strainer into a whiskey glass. Garnish with a slice of orange 


A Cornish twist on a classic Bloody Mary, this cocktail contains one of your five a day, Cornish Vodka, Knightor Dry Vermouth, a spicy kick and a whole lot of flavour to create an exciting variation on a truly understated cocktail.  We blend our Knightor Dry Vermouth with Aval Dor Potato Vodka from Colwith Farm Distillery, but you can be as healthy or adventurous as you like! Why not make your own tomato juice, or choose just one spirit and see how they compare another day?
25ml Knightor Dry Vermouth - 25ml Aval Dor Vodka - 100 ml tomato juice - black pepper - salt - Worcestershire sauce - tabasco - ice cubes
Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour Aval Dor Vodka and Tomato Juice into the glass. Add Tabasco, Worcestershire Sauce and Salt to the mix. Stir throughly. Cover one end of the Celery Stick with Pepper, dunk either end in the cocktail, and enjoy! ​


An English twist on a delightful ice tea, the Earl Grey Mocktail is the perfect treat for a detox diet, sophisticated party drink, or an occasion when a standard tea just isn't enough.  Enjoy the floral and subtle sweet taste, refreshing and healthy. For a guilty treat, simply add Vodka. 
175ml cold-brew Earl Grey Tea - 25ml Lavender sugar syrup - splash of lemon juice - 50ml Vodka (optional) - lavender sprig to garnish
​Steep an Earl Grey teabag in a pot of boiling water for 3-5minutes and allow to cool. Cook up a simple sugar syrup, infused with fresh lavender flowers, allow to cool. Fill a tumbler with ice and pour in the tea and sugar. Garnish with a thin slice of orange


Incredibly fresh and flavoursome, this exciting spin on the classic Ciao Bella is light, refreshing, and easy to create - it's the perfect cocktail for mixing up at a celebratory gathering with friends and family. 
25ml Knightor Rosé Vermouth - 25ml Salcombe Distillery Gin - 15ml Limoncello - dash of orange bitters - Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water to finish - dried orange to garnish
To begin, fill a glass to 3/4 with ice. Add the Knightor Rosé Vermouth and the Salcombe Distillery Gin. Add Limoncello to the mix, and a dash of orange bitters. Finish off with the Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic Water. Stir the cocktail in the glass. Garnish with the dried orange 


English Vermouth from Cornwall, spritz cocktails
If the Cornish Spritz is our signature cocktail, then this is the one we like to keep to ourselves. Incredibly light and with a subtle kick of herbal goodness, we love serving this drink in the warmer months, using fresh rosemary from our herb garden.
​50 ml Knightor White Vermouth - 100ml soda water - ice - sprig of rosemary
​Fill a short glass with ice and add vermouth, then soda water. Finish with a sprig of rosemary for an extra, subtle taste



What better way to celebrate the deliciousness of pomegranate than in a Vermouth cocktail? This refreshing blend comes from our expert barman, Jed!



​40 ml Knightor Rosé Vermouth - 30 ml white rum - 1/2 pomegranate seeds + juice - 15 ml grenadine - 15 ml lime juice - 10 ml egg white - 30ml Knightor Rosé Classic Cuvée 



Add Knightor Rosé Vermouth, white rum, pomegranate, grenadine, lime juice, sugar and egg white to Boston shaker. Hard dry shake (no ice) for 15 seconds. 3/4 Fill Boston shaker with ice. Hard-shake for 10 seconds. Double strain into glass using hawthorne strainer and fine sieve. Top with Knightor Rosé Classic Cuvée. Garnish with pomegranate seeds