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Rosso Vermouth 37.5cl


Rosso Vermouth 75cl

After months of development, we are delighted to have our newest vermouth available, our Rosso vermouth. 

Currently available in handwritten bottles along with winemaker notes, our Rosso vermouth is the perfect variant to make a negroni, enjoy neat over ice or with soda. For lovers of medium sweet vermouth with a more zesty, mildly bitter flavour.

Wine: Aromatised wine
Body: Full
Sweetness: Medium
Alcohol: 15%
Character: Spicy and fruity
Aromas: Aniseed, Orange, Caramel
Flavours: Bitter Orange, Cinchona [Quinine], Juniper 

Tasting notes: We start with a blend of Red and White base wines providing the backbone of our Rosso vermouth, providing freshness and crispness to build upon.

A rich bittersweet English vermouth. Aromas leap out of the glass of bitter Orange zest, Aniseed, Cinchona and Gentian overlaid with gentle spice. The palate starts fruity, but finishes with a lingering bitter marmalade finish, with a hint of spiciness

Our favourite cocktail: The most versatile of Vermouths, straight on the rocks with a slice of orange, a spritz with either soda or tonic water or make the ultimate Negroni! Add 30ml Knightor Rosso Vermouth to a glass with a little ice in, add 30ml dry Gin and 30ml Campari, stir well and finish with a slice or twist of orange for a punchy, classic cocktail.

Winemaker notes:  A small batch blend of 15 different herbs and spices, homemade caramel and Knightor wine, are used in our rosso vermouth. There are many classic herbs used such as Wormwood [Artemisia absinthium], Sage [Salvia officinalis] and Aniseed [Pimpinella anisum], plus some more exotic to add the bitterness and gentle spice. The herbs, spices and zest were first infused in a fruity Eau de Vie distilled from our own grape skins. After a short steeping period, the herb infusion was added to blend of red and white base wines allowed to mature and integrate for a short period. Following this a small amount of caramel was made providing the classic Rosso colour and underlying aroma. This Vermouth was then allowed to age in tank for a short period before bottling. 

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