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Three Barrel Bacchus

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Three Barrel Bacchus



Featured in Matthew Dukes Vineyard Magazine...

Wine: Still White
Grape Variety: Bacchus
Body: Medium 
Sweetness: Sweet 
Alcohol: 8%  
Character: Soft, aromatic
Aromas: Peach, elderflower, vanilla 
Flavours: Peach, red apple 
Style: Most similar too some sweet germanic wines and wines from Alsace. 
Food Pairing: Ideal with a medium spiced curry or even a festive cheese board!

Vinification: A small amount of our total Bacchus crop was pressed and fermented in old french oak barrels with the intention of blending with our tank fermented dry Bacchus. However, these three barrels naturally stopped fermenting, leaving behind considerable residual sugar.  These wines were then left to mature in oak for a further 6 months.

Winemakers notes: A unique fragrant and sweet small batch wine. This Bacchus was harvested on the 4th of October showing good levels of ripeness and retaining very good acidity due to the relatively cool ripening conditions of 2019. The wine was allowed to run its own course and left to nature, the ferment gradually running to a halt in mid December. A very different expression of Bacchus compared to your typical dry style. The aromas are a little more reserved and grown up, peach, elderflower and delicate vanilla come to the for. The palate is surprisingly rich for an English wine, showing honeyed oak, elderflower presse and delicate apple. The finish is sweet and long. Perfect with cheeses and fruity desserts. 

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