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Cornwall: The ultimate place to explore English winemaking

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In addition to all the fantastic things to discover in Cornwall.. miles of secret golden beaches, exquisite local produce and a way of life steeped in grand heritage, there's another lesser known Cornish wonder that is fast gaining in recognition. 

While the warmer climates of Italy or Australia may inspire a winemaking experience, there's so much more to be discovered closer to home, and we know the perfect destination! There are a fair few winemaking regions in England, but as 
Kate McBurnie from Cornish Wine Tours explains, you get way more bang for your buck when exploring winemaking in Cornwall. Here's why... 
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There's a fantastic diversity of wines in Cornwall
You may not have heard of all of the grape varieties before (Reichensteiner, Seyval Blanc, Bacchus - to name but a few!) but you are sure to find something you love. There is literally something for everyone. Whether you are a fan of dry white wine, or perhaps you are partial to a pale rosé, there’s lots on offer. Contrary to popular belief, you can also find some outstanding reds in Cornwall which tend to be mostly 'Pinot Noir' based - fruit driven and lighter in body. 

Of course the sparklers are what Cornwall first became really famous for, owing to that slightly cooler climate and therefore a touch more acidity in the grapes, but as the years have passed and we get a little warmer the still wines win as many awards as the fizz.

The weather is always amazing! 
Ok, ok, I’ll admit it - we don’t always have those guaranteed sunshine days, but on the whole it’s pretty glorious and if 2018 is anything to go by, we have hope for the future! But to be honest, a Cornish vineyard is beautiful at any time of year, come rain or shine.  A rainy day here is always better than a rainy day in the city in my opinion.
There's stunning beaches whichever direction you go
Can you think of anywhere else in the UK that can boast 250 miles of coastline and 300 beaches as well as making an abundance of award-winning wine to boot? That is pretty unique - even Devon can’t take that away from us! You can spend the morning surfing and the afternoon working your way through the tasters at the local vineyard.

It's a foodie and wine-lovers dream! 
To really understand a place, I think you have to eat the local food and drink the local wine - together they are often natural pairings for each other and Cornwall is no different when it comes to the ideal combo of fresh seafood and Cornish wine. When you are in Cornwall you feel like you could be anywhere in the world. Picture this - sat on the beach, sun disappearing on the horizon, a glass of crisp white Bacchus in hand, and a BBQ on the go with a handful of fresh prawns sizzling away. For me that is pretty perfect, and its rare to find this experience in any other part of the UK.
The most peaceful place 
Staycations are all the rage but if the thought of being sat on the M25 for 7 hours in the sweltering summer heat, with the kids in the back - “are we there yet?” - puts you off, (and I don’t blame you!) why not fly down instead? With the new Heathrow to Newquay flight running up to 4 times a day from April 2019 it is for sure the most convenient way to get here and with minimal hassle.  

​Visit for a long weekend, or stay for a week, the ease of it all is very appealing and easy to get your wine holiday fix. That said, if you do brave the roads, you can rest assured that once you’re in Cornwall it is very easy to navigate your way around and find the local wineries and stock up. 
So...when are you visiting?

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